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Marble Collection

There is an unparalleled beauty to the Gemini Quartz Marble Collection that comes from the unique natural variation of veining and colours inherent within the slabs.

The naturally translucent patterns of marble are captured magnificently through using only the purest natural quartz.

Natural Realism

An important feature that gives natural marble its enduring beauty is the translucent three dimensionality of the patterns and veining. Gemini Quartz is unique in having single ownership and production for both the raw quartz mineral and slab manufacture. Only using the purest and highest grade raw quartz minerals as well as advanced production technologies can we achieve these designs.

Advanced Durability

Unlike natural marble, Gemini Quartz is highly durable and resistant to scratches, stains, heat and impact. Protect your investment in your new kitchen through the advanced engineered stone properties of Gemini Quartz. All the real beauty of natural marble with all the practical benefits of quartz.

Full Bodied

Natural marble has formed over hundreds of millions of years. Its patterns and veining run throughout the whole body of the material. Therefore, if the worktop edges or cut outs are polished the veining and pattern runs through continuously. Gemini Quartz attains this high class natural appearance perfectly in a way inferior replica surfaces can never achieve.  


Statuario has striking grey veins that are set against a pure white background. The crystalline nature of the famous original marble is captured by the shimmering effect of the micro mirror particles included throughout the slab.

Calacatta Gold

A classic Italian marble accented by soft grey and gold veining, Calacatta Gold is a highly desired luxurious stone. The Calacatta Gold of the Gemini Quartz metamorphic series stands out with striking details present throughout the slab.

Calacatta Gold

Venetian White

Venetian White has a soft, feathery grey veining is present throughout the slab, set against a slightly off-white, very light grey background that comes to life with refraction of micro mirror particles.

Venetian White

Capri White

A creamy backdrop with subtle grey veins, Capri White offers the popular look of white marble and performance of Gemini Quartz at great value.

Capri White


Arabescato’s dramatic grey and gold veins emerge from the light grey background of the material. The dynamic movement and thickness of the veins gives a luxurious and opulent appearance.


Persian Grey

Almost uniformly a serene light grey, Persian Grey also has faint, delicate white markings that lend it a note of extra interest and naturalism.


Fantastic Grey

Fantastic Grey is a striking quartz colour. A Grey marble with a unique darker grey pattern, Fantastic Grey creates stunning worktops for your home.

Fantastic Grey

Taurus Grey

Taurus Grey is a beautiful, dark shade of grey interspersed with patches of naturally distributed, subtle, white veining.

taurus grey


A beautiful, calm shade of grey with fine, almost white veining running through in a delicate, naturalistic pattern. A look that combines ancient colouring and markings with a sleek, modern appearance.


Scorpio Black

Scorpio Black is one of the most striking quartz surfaces; a deep black against which the artful, white flicks of veining stand out like paint on a canvas.

Scorpio Black

Nero Marquina

A fine-grained, black marble like quartz with characteristic strong white veining. Nero Marquina has compact graining and contrasting veins in abundance throughout the slab.