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Design Options

Material Thickness

Choose from different material thicknesses to give your kitchen worktops the exact look you require.

Gemini Quartz comes in two solid thicknesses; 20mm and 30mm. 20mm solid slab can also be used to create a built up worktop thickness ranging between 40-100mm thickness.

Corian comes in two standard thicknesses; 24mm and 38mm. A 12mm solid Corian sheet is used to build up the worktop thickness, with a moisture resistant MDF lattice subframe providing rigidity and stability. Corian can also be specfied at deeper thicknesses on request.



20/40-100mm Mitred

12/24mm with MDF subframe

12/38mm with MDF subframe

Edge Profiles

For a truly bespoke finish, consider a special edge profile. All our worktops are specified with a double bevel edge profile as standard which comes free of charge. However, consider an upgrade to any of special edge profile for that truly personalized touch.


Square Polish

Double Bevel

Full Bullnose




Square Polish

Double Bevel

Double Pencil

Full Bullnose


Shark Nose


Square Polish

Single Bevel

Single Pencil

Double Bevel

Double Pencil


Shark Nose


Square Polish

Single Bevel

Single Pencil

Double Bevel

Double Pencil

Undermount Sinks

One of the most popular features of choosing a solid surface worktop, is that you can specify undermount sinks.

There are now a huge array of undermount sink designs to suit any kitchen design and style and we can accomodate any undermount sink material you may have chosen.

Undermount sinks can be specified with or without sink grooves and sink recesses.

Gemini Quartz Mercury Grey

Sink grooves & sink recesses

Sink Grooves are a neat addition to any solid surface worktop design. They help aerate glasses as well as capture excess water around the sink area.

Sink Recesses create a sleek designer look to your kitchen worktop, whilst providing great functionality in providing an area that will capture excess water from plates and glasses.

Sink Drainers

4 Sink Grooves Straight

5 Sink Grooves Straight

Sink Grooves Angled

Recess Drainers


Full Flat



Upstands are an excellent choice for completing the design of the worktops, especially if you are planning on having painted walls behind the worktops. They will create a water tight barrier between the worktops and the wall finish, and provide an visually satisfying finish to the look of the worktops design.

Gemini Quartz Highland White


Where you have a hob or range cooker up against a wall, it is recommended that you have a splashback. The splashback is a piece of material that will typically reach the height of the extractor fan from the worktop above the cooking appliance. A splashback provides a hygienic and easy clean finsh to a high usage area of the kitchen.

Wall cladding

Wall cladding is a great way to add increased wow factor into your kitchen design. Wall cladding can be used to cover the whole area between the worktop surface and the wall cabinets, or could also go from floor to ceiling if you choose.

Electrical socket cut outs can be specified to allow as many electrical socket connections as you require.

Window Cills

Window cills typically offer the finishing touch to your kitchen project. They add the extra element of bespoke design, whilst also providing practical benefits of being easy to clean and maintain.

Smooth Underside

Where you have an visible overhang on your worktops, e.g. on an island or breakfast bar, you may wish to have the surface smoothed from the natural finish of the reverse side of the slab material.

Kitchen Islands & Breakfast bars

As we move increasingly towards more open plan living, with the kitchen at the centrepiece of every home, choosing a kitchen island or breakfast bar is among the top choice for buyers.

As all our worktops are made-to-measure, you can design your kitchen island or breakfast bar to your exact requirements, within the natural limitations of the materials.

You can include design features such as electrical pop-up sockets and overhangs to accomodate breakfast bar seating, or even integrate other materials into the design such as combining Gemini Quartz or Corian with Wood or Glass.

Affordable Worktops

Bathroom vanity tops

We can manufacture vanity tops to any size and design. Our vanity tops are great value for money and our materials are a perfect for bathroom applications as well as kitchens.

Other Design Options


Softened Corner


Small Curve

11mm-100mm radius

Large Curve

100mm+ radius

Double Round

Cut Outs

Belfast Sink Cut Out

Hole <50mm diameter

Hole 50-200mm diamter

Circular Cut out

Hob/Sink Cut out

Rebated Cut out

Socket cut out

Pop Up Socket


Hob Bar/Groove

Smooth Underside